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WPR Picks for Free Comic Book Day on May 3rd

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Saturday, May 3, 2014, is Free Comic Book Day! On this day, publishers and shops offer a selection of free comics for kids and adults. Our WPR comic reviewers are an opinionated bunch. Here’s what they suggest you pick up on Saturday.

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KARA says:
Free Comic Book day has become a celebrated holiday in my house. Since it was the first time I picked up Y the Last Man (still one of my favorites) I enjoy spending the first Saturday in May supporting local  brick and mortar shops around Seattle and discovering new titles to add to my ever growing stack of reads.

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The Dumbest Idea Ever cover via

This year, I’m eying The Dumbest Idea Ever by Jimmy Gownley. Jimmy, who created the Eisner nominated Amelia Rules, shares his own story of growing up and dreaming of one day making comic books. The funny and inspirational book sounds like the kind of “behind the scenes” trip I could embark. Giddy-up!


ZACHARY recommends:
2000 AD Special: Ooh! A 2000 AD sampler? I’m there dude!! This sampler is straight outta site! A little Judge time, a little swords and sorcerery, some horror, some sci-fi (Durham Red? Sounds like a cigarette to me), and even an extra tale from Mega City One as told by the Psi division!

Defend Comics: Knowing a little bit about how the legal system works, especially in comics, can be eye-opening. This issue holds some comical bits (pun intended) to increase your knowledge of our justice (?) system.

Rocket Raccoon: Hi, kids! Do you like talking trees? Anthropomorphic animals? Guns? Violence? Who doesn’t?! Check out Rocket Raccoon before he hits theaters! [Editor’s note: Maybe we only want the “adult” kids, us over 21 types, liking the guns and violence? Parents should be sure to look closely at any title they select on Free Comic Book Day.]


HAYLEY suggests:
Archie Digest: I’ve never read an Archie comic but after recently hearing that the famous redhead will be dying in the Life of Archie comics later this year, I may be curious enough to pick up the Archie Digest on free comic book day.

Guardians of the Galaxy: The trailer for the upcoming movie looks great. I love a good mix of comedy and action. I also like the look of the characters. I’m very interested in this title and will be picking it up on Free Comic Book Day.

Rocket Raccoon: I haven’t read the Guardians of the Galaxy series yet but from what I’ve heard, this is a badass character that I would like to learn more about. He kind of reminds me of Sly Cooper from the video games. Oooo, they should team up!

Guardians of the Galaxy cover via

Guardians of the Galaxy cover via

The Tick:I was a huge fan of the old television show with Patrick Warburton in the early 2000s and the animated show. I will definitely be picking up this title.

Zombie Tramp: A streetwalking zombie? I’m not sure how that is going to pan out but my interest is peaked. Somehow, I doubt this tramp will be sharing spaghetti dinners with any cocker spaniels.

Courtney Crumrin: This looks interesting to me. Sort of a gothic horror for kids. My son and I both love scary stories and this looks like a title we could enjoy together.


Bongo Comics 2014 Free-For-All: I love Bongo and I just can’t get enough of stories from Springfield. This year, it looks like Millhouse and Bart have an adventure at the nuclear power plant. Plus, Mr. Burns reveals his “Burn’s Cave.”

2000 AD Sampler: More Judge Dredd is always a good thing! 2000 AD is a great freebie to explore a classic publication that shaped sci-fi and fantasy comics.

Atomic Robo and Friends: Atomic Robo is all-ages fun from Red 5 Comics. If you haven’t read it before, this would be a great title to pick up on Free Comic Book Day.

Archaia Anthology: Mouse Guard! I could stop there. But this also includes Bolivar, Farscape, Labyrinth, and Rust stories. So good, I can’t believe it’s free!

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