James Helsby

WPR Mascot Jorge Garcia returning in new JJ Abrams ‘Alcatraz’

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That’s right, Hurley’s coming back to us, in the new JJ Abrams project on Fox, about time-traveling prison guards.

The plot follows a group of guards at the San Francisco bay prison, who mysteriously disappear one night, and then re-appear some 30 years later, like nothing ever happened. Slated to be an hour long sci-fi action-drama, is will be the second Abrams/fox television series.

Fox has been focusing much of it’s attention on SciFi drama’s, with 4 shows airing this year. Finder, a spin off of Bones. Terra Nova, the Spielberg dinosaur show. Alcatraz, which sounds like a remake of Lost to me. And it’s well received other Abrams series, Fringe.


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