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WPR Looks at the Halo 4 Series 1 Figures from McFarlane Toys

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It’s not every day some great quality figures land on your doorstep. It’s every day that I watch my kids destroy their own. These new Halo figures came with a strict Dad only gets to touch rule.

This series comes with four figures, Master Chief, Spartan Warrior, Grunt Storm and the Elite Zealot.

My likes and dislikes for each figure are relatively the same maybe with some slight differences. Granted, the usual action figures I get to play with are the ones my 5 year old breaks to some degree. I let him play with some of mine before and well, Thor is missing his head, Iron Man has no legs, Captain America is still one arm at least. Maybe my kids just don’t like Marvel Figures.

The Good:

The look of these figures are amazing by my standards. Giving them a close inspection, the detail that went into the faces and bodies, especially the Zealot and Grunt. When I first took the figures out of the shipping box (Thanks McFarlane Toys for the review pieces!) I made the mistake of doing so with my kids around. Instantly, they grabbed the toys while they were still in the boxes and asked if we could play with them. I looked at my Marvel figures, and said No. The packaging kept them entertained to the point where they played with the figures without removing them from the packages. They made me eat my words that they could play with them as long as they didn’t take them out of the packaging, touché children. There are so many points of adjustment with these figures that you can try to pose them any way you can try for, just expect, that like in real life, sometimes you can’t stand up with one foot in the air and your arms contorted into weird angles.

The weapons are as nice to look at as the figures, from the sniper rifle to the machine gun to the Zealot sword I was impressed. I even gave them that “I’m very impressed look” and nodded.

The Bad:

Alright, so yeah, these figures aren’t perfect, but for someone who’s only had the cheap GI Joes and Ninja Turtles as a kid, these are damn glorious figures. The Bad? The cost can be a bit of a deterrent, especially if you’re on a tight budget like myself. Would I buy these for my kids? No, but my oldest is five, and he’s never played an Xbox game, Halo being far down the list of games we’d let him play. If I had a friend or family member that loves the Halo franchise, I’d check my bank balance before buying it for them. You’re looking at prices around the $12.99 range per figure, so I’d say it’s a decent price for a fan of the series.

The Ugly:

One thing that bugged me the most, especially with the Zealot figure and his sword was that I’m the nerd that wants them to be posed like on the box. So I nearly broke the Zealots hand trying to jam the sword into it and growling in frustration. Master Chief wouldn’t hold his gun better than some civilian jumping into military duty, the Spartan Warrior ended up shooting the sniper rifle like he’s intoxicated. Thankfully the Grunt was gun less, so obviously he’s the most in trouble when it comes to posing and setting the figures on the shelf.


If you’re a fan of the Halo franchise or know someone who is to the point where that empty space on your desk or shelf needs some filling up. You’d best snag these figures while you can and pat yourself on the back for thinking in advance of the coming Holiday season. The Zealot and Grunt make the whole collection worth it if you get all 4, if not, at least get those two for all your Spartans and Master Chiefs to take aim at. Come on, you’re not buying these to be collectors items or to make people shake your hand for how cool you are. You’ll buy these because you love Halo, and you want a damn battlefield happening in your room, if you have that mentality you won’t be let down.

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