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WPR Interview – Steven Shrewsbury

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I’ve talked to the man before about his book Thrall (Our Review), now that he’s released a couple of new short stories, I decided to see what it was all about. I am pleased with the responses of my inquiry. You can get the Kindle and Nook versions of the short stories; Author and Finisher of Our Flesh, and Insurmountable over at the Seventh Star Press page, or on your eReading Devices for a measly .99 cents!

Gorias La Gaul

WPR: These new stories are set before the events of Thrall and the…circumstance Gorias found himself in at the end. Will there be any post Thrall short stories as well? Or is that for the next book installment?

A: In time, I’ll tell of events after THRALL but the forthcoming Gorias’ novel OVERKILL is set a year before events in THRALL. At 700 years old, Gorias had a long life full of wild times, so that’s fun to chronicle.

WPR: In Insurmountable, Gorias is doing a final task for his father. Please tell me Gorias’s dad was some kind of simple farmer and that his final wish was something like, “Sell Betsy the Milk cow to a good owner.” for comical reasons obviously.

A: Not quite. Gorias’ father was a cheiftain, a warrior and sits above the terminus line of a high mountain range, frozen solid. Gorias goes to burn his body, to free his spirit, and builds an altar from the corspes of dead dwarves to do it. But first, he must battle a huge creature of the snows.

WPR: Author and Finisher of Our Flesh *has Gorias going to a farming colony, what kind of mess does Gorias end up walking into?

A: A Lovecraftian (or rather Lin Carter) one. A force is using the colonists
for dire purposes, but not as slaves…for a new body for his imprisoned
spirit…all at once.

WPR: Will we ever get to see a Gorias the Sea Captain kind of thing? Does he ever become a master at sea or does his adventures solely take place on land?

A: Not as a sea captain, but in the OVERKILL novel Gorias encounters pirates, a brutal naval Admiral, and some high seas adventures. S’true. He gets keel hauled, too, and survives.

WPR: How much fun is writing the little adventures Gorias found himself on? Is it nice to just have quick little stories to help build the character?

A: Sure. at times they pop into my head at different lengths. AUTHOR is a much longer tale than INSURMOUNTABLE but each tells the tale its own way.

Are you working on any more shorts or is all of your focus on the next big installment after Thrall?

A: OVERKILL the Gorias novel is in the books so to speak, and I have a slew of other ideas for him and beyond. I’m always working on something, but work is a bad word to use for something I love so much.

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