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WPR Interview – Daniel Way, Writer of Deadpool by Marvel Comics

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When Marvel announced Deadpool “Dead” at 50 (th issue) I had to ask if I could just find out a little more and then I found myself talking to the writer behind the Merc with a mouth himself. Daniel has been working on the Deadpool series since 2008 and if you haven’t been paying attention has done quite a bit of great work for Marvel Comics. We got to talk about possibly one of my favorite characters of all time, Deadpool! I hope you guys enjoy the interview!

WPR: How tough is it to write Deadpool? Is there lots of drinking/drugs involved?

Daniel Way: Umm…sometimes? At this point, I’m comfortable enough with the character that I don’t really need to be sedated.

WPR: Do you have comedic inspiration when you’re writing Deadpools liners and his lunacy?

DW: There’s nothing un-funnier than someone trying to be funny, so I do my best not to push it. If something occurs to me, however random, I’ll put it in the script. Later, if it doesn’t work with the art—or the art knocks something better loose in my head—I may change it.

WPR: Do you ever mind yourself being a Writer With a Mouth in the real world or do you keep your mouth shut?

DW: A little of both, I guess. I’m a firm believer in listening rather than simply waiting for your turn to speak, but I have been known to hijack a conversation if it’s something that I’m passionate about. Or, of course, I’m drunk.

WPR: Really can there be anything that is too absurd when it comes to Deadpool?

DW: Yes. Most definitely. Deadpool is and has always been an action book, not a comedy. If the story is just gag after gag, it’s not a Deadpool story.

WPR: It’s been tried before and Deadpool still lives, why should we even think he’ll be dead in issue 50?

DW: All I can say is that when have I ever done what readers expect of me?

WPR: Do you ever get any word on the possible Deadpool movie? Or is that shut out from you?

DW: Since it’s not currently a Marvel Studios project, the only way I’d be involved is if they asked for my involvement.

WPR: Would you step into the life of being Deadpool if you could?

DW: Nah, I’m terrible at killing people.

WPR: Is breaking the 4th wall something that is easy to do, have you ever tried to hold that back?

DW: It’s something that has to be done sparingly and only at strategic points—just like “Pool-O-Vision”.

WPR: What is the scene or comic issue that you’ve loved writing more than any other for Deadpool?

DW: As I’ve said in lots of previous interviews, I fucking love writing Bullseye so, yeah, the issues wherein he appeared were probably my favorite to write. Oh, and the Hit-Monkey stuff. And Macho Gomez.

WPR: President Obama is strapped to a nuclear missile, on a submarine, in space, with genetically enhanced space sharks protecting the submarine. How would Deadpool save him?

DW: Easy. Steal a spaceship and fly directly toward the submarine, which’ll get the sharks’ attention. At the last moment, use the teleporter to beam out of the stolen ship and into the submarine. Free the president, arm the nuke and fire it at the sharks, who are all clustered up around the stolen spaceship. Crash-land the sub into the Atlantic Ocean, drop the president off somewhere in Chesapeake Bay. Pretty sure he could hitchhike from there.

Let that be a note to all of your would be space terrorists, Deadpool always comes through in the end! Thanks to Daniel for taking the time to talk with us and we’re looking forward to Deadpool #50 coming in February!

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