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WPR Holiday Gift Guide: Bin ‘O Random Stuff

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We’ve already got your WATCH, PLAY, and READ guides for your planning purposes. But, just in case you’re REALLY freaking out, we got this list of random stuff that you probably never thought of! See, we love you, we’re here to help. Now, check out the wPR Bin ‘o Random Stuff!

octa spider monkey

Now, almost everyone has a tablet these days, and I’ve had those times where my arms are just tired of holding the damn thing. So, now you have the option to go hands free and just watch a show or movie in comfort. We’ve been using the Octa Spider Monkey ($79.99) at my house for the last month and it’s been getting heavy use. My son was sick for almost a week, and he used the spider monkey to watch Hulu plus in bed. I’ve tucked the end of the spider monkey into my side of the bed and streamed Netflix comfortably. The clamps are adjustable and it’s a very, very versatile tablet holder that you can bend to your desires.


The first time I tried the buttered coffee blocks. I’ll be honest, it was a very different taste than I’m used to in my daily coffee. By the end of the first cup, I actually really like it. Over the next week, my daily coffee was this, and it was a great week of productivity for me. Each Coffee Block contains grass fed butter, coffee, organic coconut oil, free range egg yolks, and organic vanilla. Just drop into 10 oz of hot water and mix.


Does your face get cold in the winter and you’ve wanted to sport a Gandalf beard walking around town? Or, do you do winter sports that require your face not freeze off? We’ve got you covered with a Beardski!


book scarf

This bookish scarf with text from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven is awesome. Wrap up in a book this winter!

Hulk wall light

For those of us without night vision, we can light our way with one of these super nerdy superhero night lights!



Comply T-500 Isolation Earphone tips

Bit of an oddball, but these make my headphone WORTH the cost they ran me. No more coming loose during a run, no more me shoving them back into my ear, no more unneccessary sounds invading my tunes. All I can hear is my wonderful music and the sounds of my tinnitus and breathing during quiet parts. Truly some of the best earphone tips I’ve ever used.


Brimper t-shirt from Diesel Sweeties Store

For Adults! Sex Criminals took the comics world by storm this year with creators Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky becoming authorities on sex advice as well as revered comic creators. Brimping is mentioned briefly in the comics in a list of fictional sex positions. Show your support for the series and sport a Brimper t-shirt today. It is a perfect gift for the comic fan looking for a fairly obscure reference to don around town.

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