Ryan Thomason

WPR Has YOUR Tickets to Cloud Atlas (At any theater of your choosing in the USA!)

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What? We’re doing a movie ticket giveaway that available to anybody? YES WE ARE! Well, Unless you live outside of the US. Sorry, World. We’re assholes, I know.

What you’re winning is some Hollywood Movie Money, which is an admit two pass to see the movie at any theater of your choice (minus AMC owned theaters, because they’re jerks or something)

How do you win? Text the word CONNECTED and your zip code to 43549 for your chance to win (EX: Connected 84101) That’s it, If you’re worried about your phone number being put onto some spam calling list, don’t worry, all numbers are wiped once the contest is over! There is no charge to text 43KIX. Message and data rates from your wireless carrier may apply.

Check out the Cloud Atlas movie website for more information or watch the trailer below! We’re so excited about this movie and now we’re double excited that one of you guys are going to get to see it for free!

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