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WPR Gift Guide: Play

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Day two of our Gift Guide, this time, what everyone at the site does all the time, Play with themselves. I mean…games. Here is the short list of what we think you should be buying for that person you love. Or have an obligation to buy them something, whether it be Games or Toys.


Xopher Says: I only have time to game on the iPad and the Iphone so it’s no surprise that all three of the games I suggest to you come from the Apple App Store. First up for $0.99 Jetpack Joyride, get it because it’s fucking addicting…and it’s a dollar, that’s all you get for a $1 game. Next up is Infinity Blade II (review incoming) for $6.99 Trust us, it’s worth the cash. Finally for you retronauts out there, get the classic Chrono Trigger for your iOS device for a paltry $9.99…because that’s cheater than any other version you’ll find.

The Penny Arcade Game by Cryptozoic

Saints Row 3
Portal 2
Cave Story 3D (Nintendo 3DS) (Free version)


Evan Says: I am in love with my Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch. It has everything I could want in an Android device: 1.2Ghz dual core processor, a gorgeous 4..27 inch Super AMOLED screen, and a fantastic battery life. I’ve been a diehard for Motorola’s DROID line since the original DROID release, and the S2 Epic 4G Touch blew me out of the water. Plus it’s only 99 bucks on Amazon Wireless
Kindle Fire
Kindle Touch
Nerf Stampede ECS

Stay Tuned Tomorrow for, WPR Gift Guide: Read!

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