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WPR Gift Guide 2012: Watch

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Television, Movies, and Anime…oh my!

Television Shows

Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule

“Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule is not for everyone…hell, it’s not for most people. However, if you are willing to keep an open mind in the surreal world that Tim, Eric, and John have painted together, you’re going to have an absolute blast.”
– from the DVD review

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Downton Abbey: Season 1&2

“So, my fellow Man. Don’t wait for your female significant other to spring this show into your viewing schedule. If you’re the forever alone guy, (Single) you got nothing to lose! Unless you feel like you’re pets are giving you weird looks, to which you can send them to the animal shelter. There is nothing wrong with Downton Abbey, we should all be watching it while we wear fancy hats. I now wear fancy hats all the time just because of this show to prove how much of a man I am. Why don’t you join me good fellows?”
– from Downton Abbey is a Mans Show

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2

“The biggest compliment I can give to this restoration comes in the form of a confession: I have never seen the original version of this episode. Perhaps one day, I will, but I seriously could not tell what came from a rough cut and what made it to television. It saddens me to think that thirteen minutes of this brilliant sci-fi tribute to the significance of Dred Scott vs. Sandford never made it to air.”
– on “The Measure of a Man” from Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Celebration of Season 2

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The Walking Dead Season 2

“The Jiminy Cricket of the Georgian wastelands is gone. Long live anarchy…or so I’d like to think. If it weren’t for the fact that everyone was pining the death of the grown up Gilligan’s Island survivor you’d think nothing had really been happening with the group. Well at least Carl feels bad about being a little dumbshit who caused his death. Regardless of how often these guys try to tell him that it wasn’t his fault, in my opinion it is his fault. If he weren’t fucking around with Mr. Lipless, we’d still have a voice of reason.”
– from Walking Dead “Better Angels” Impressions

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The Artist

“French actor Jean Dujardin plays George Valentin, the balls in the silent film industry. On the way out of a premiere, George accidentally meets a woman named Peppy Miller, played by French actress Bérénice Bejo. That little meeting gets her in the newspaper the next day. Later, she goes to audition for a movie, George spots her, and gets her in the film. Then the talkies are introduced and George gets dumped by his production company. Peppy, however, becomes a huge talking picture star. George loses everything. And the rest of the movie is him kinda dealing with that.”
– from The Artist review

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Battle Royale: The Complete Collection

Ryan Wilson’s quick impressions: Battle Royale is one of the most brutal, yet thought provoking movies in recent years. The sequel, which many see as a little too one dimensional and weak in the story department, is a fun watch as well.

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The Hunger Games

“The games make the movie, its brutal, bloody and deserving of its PG-13 rating. I found myself counting along with Katniss how many tributes were left and on the edge of my seat as she made her way through the forest and other tributes to the conclusion all readers of the book know.”
– from Action, Suspense & Fancy Beards – Get Ready For The Hunger Games

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Muppet Christmas Carol

“The blend of Michael Caine and an assortment of muppets makes for an extremely enjoyable story. This is also probably the only version I’ve seen that featured Charles Dickens himself as a fourth wall breaking character (played hilarious by Gonzo). I could sing its praises all day, it has fantastic musical numbers, charm, and visual effects. But I’ll leave you with this: make sure this is on the list of movies you see before you die. It’s that good.”
– from 25 Days of Christmas (Carol): Day 25

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Ryan Wilson’s quick impressions: Steins;Gate is one of those shows that you’ll want a pen and paper nearby to keep track of all its layers. The series takes the concept of time travel to new, bizarre, and frankly scary heights.

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Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I – The Egg of the King

“While this is the same arc that the anime version covered, viewers should note that a number of characters and brutal aspects were removed to fit television broadcast. The film series is intended to cover the entire manga.”
-from Please, Oh Please Let The New Berserk Movie Jump Overseas

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Hellsing Ultimate

Ryan Wilson’s quick impressions: Those who were disappointed with the original anime stopping right as the series would take the turn for the Nazi will love this OVA’s faithfulness to the manga source.

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Grave of the Fireflies

Ryan Wilson’s quick impressions: Guaranteed to result in many, many man tears

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Or one of these Anime subscriptions:
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Neon Alley (PlayStation Network only)

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