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WPR Gift Guide 2012: Play

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Video Games


Ryan Wilson’s impressions: Dishonored manages to break the bad publishing streak for Bethesda this combination of Thief and Bioshock.

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Guild Wars 2

“As a former player of Guild Wars, it’s sequel features a massively improved combat system. Even though you’re still using the tried and true “press a number to use different attacks” that have been the staple of MMORPGS, combat is very fluid and requires a decent amount of action game skill to survive. Many enemies are capable of dealing massive damage, so it’s imperative that you master the dodge ability…and quickly.”
– from Guild Wars 2: Beta Weekend 3 – First Impressions

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Torchlight 2

“Runic Games has aimed high for the sequel, and they’ve done a pretty damn good job. Torchlight 2 has taken the core of the original game and improved on the little points. A kickass redesigned UI, full multiplayer support, and new classes are the big bullet points here.”
– from PAX 2011: Torchlight 2

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“Ideally I’d like people to slowly take their time to explore the world. Taking in everything the can find in the environment and slowly trying to piece together what all the strange things they find actually are and how they relate to each other. Sadly not everyone is going to do that, a lot of people focus on the puzzles and kind of try to rush through the game. I hope the puzzles are interesting enough to make that an engaging experience but it’s not the one I was trying to build. Of course I can’t dictate how people play the game, that’s up to them.”

– from WPR Interview with Kairo Developer Richard Perrin

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Board Games

Risk 2210 A.D

Ryan Thomason’s impressions: Risk is one of the first board games I ever got into that had a deep strategy element. My cousin, brother and myself would play this at any opportunity, some games are deep in my memories. Now, every Saturday morning, my 5 year old and 2 ½ year old want to play this game. There is nothing quite like amassing armies on a border, and hoping for the best in the roll of the dice as you try to crush and execute whatever plan you have for your foe. In a increasingly social landscape that moves online, playing good ol boardgames in the flesh beats the online experience every time.

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D&D Dungeon Command

Ryan Thomason’s impressions: What’s not to like? You buy a set, with awesome looking miniatures in it that range from your usual minions to a stronger big brute and whomever you’re playing against picks out from a different set. However many players at the table then collectively use their board pieces to create any map you want, fill it with bonuses and treasure to obtain then go about trying to beat the snot of out each other with your tiny army. Then when you’re D&D session rolls around, you’ve already got some awesome figures for use in your campaign.

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