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WPR Gets a Preview of Punisher #1 from Marvel!

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Want to take an early first look at Marvels new Punisher comic coming in August? We know you can’t resist to just take a peek, we’ve got all the variant covers and the first couple of pages.


Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Marco Checchetto
Price: $3.99
Parental Advisory: Yes
My Thoughts: Punisher was my introduction into the world of comics. Now that this is getting a new run where I get to start at the first issue? I’m beyond sold with the comic. I’ve always been a fan of Punisher, I’ll even defend the movies if the call arises. I’m very interested to see what Greg and Marco do with this, August can’t come soon enough!Marvel is pleased to present your first look at The Punisher #1! Eisner Award winning writer Greg Rucka and rising-star artist Marco Checchetto set the Marvel Universe’s deadliest man back out onto the streets! Frank Castle is locked and loaded for his most violent mission yet as he takes aim on New York City’s newest criminal organization, The Exchange! Can Marvel’s one man war machine mow down the entirety of the Exchange or will they prove to be too much for Frank Castle to take on alone? With every clip the Punisher empties into the guilty he gets further away from being able to find the man he used to be…and he has absolutely no problem with that. Get a view from behind the crosshairs as Marvel’s newest Big Shot unleashes his brand of justice, only in The Punisher #1!

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