Ryan Thomason

WPR First Look: Wolverine & The X-Men #3

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These X-Men Have Wolverine
I Remember when he was cool too
It doesn’t matter he’ll still kick your ass
Oh crap its the Hellfire Club

Wolverine & The X-Men

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Chris Bachalo
Price: $2.99
Hits the Shelves: December 21st, 2011

Something has gone terribly wrong when Quentin Quire is the X-Men’s only hope of survival! The acclaimed team of Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo close out their explosive first arc in Wolverine & The X-Men #3 as the team desperately fights through everything the new Hellfire Club throws their way. Will Quire and Wolverine see eye to eye and save the new Jean Grey School for Higher Learning? Find out in Wolverine & The X-Men #3!

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