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WPR First Look: Uncanny X-Men #3

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The Celestials are coming!
The Celestials are coming!
Now picture Cyclops on a horse shouting that
Maybe I should rhyme the last verse STAT

Uncanny X-Men

Artist: Kieron Gillen
Price: $2.99
Hits the Shelves: December 28, 2011

THE CELESTIALS HAVE ARRIVED! In your first look at Uncanny X-Men #3, from the team of Kieron Gillen, Carlos Pacheco, Paco Diaz, & Rodney Buchemi, Cyclops and his Extinction Team must protect mankind not only from Mr. Sinister…but the world ending space gods! Sinister’s quest for supremacy has doomed the entire world and it’s all crumbling down around the feet of the X-Men. Are the Children of the Atom finally spread too thin? Find out this December in Uncanny X-Men #3!

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