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WPR First Look: The Defenders #2

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Even though this sounds like possibly the weirdest group of superheroes, I’m really intrigued and want to check this out for some reason.

The Defenders

Artist: Rachel Dodson & Sonia Oback
Price: $2.99
Hits the Shelves: January 4th, 2012

A dangerous secret lies deep within the Marvel Universe, and the only ones who can protect us against its calamitous consequences are… THE DEFENDERS! The team of Doctor Strange, Namor, Silver Surfer, Iron Fist & Red She Hulk must race to stop the Breaker of Worlds from unleashing terror across the Marvel Universe in Defenders #2. From the critically acclaimed creative team of Matt Fraction & Terry Dodson, one of the Marvel Universe’s biggest secrets is about to be uncovered, and you can only find the answer HERE!

Will Nul prove to be too much of a threat for the Defenders? And what do those small notes on the bottom of the pages mean? Is everything tied together? Find out the answer to SOME of those questions as our protectors from the impossible continue their journey in Defenders #2!

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