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WPR First Look: PunisherMAX R.I.P.

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Punisher, Punisher
This little jingle won’t be mean to you
Because I think you’re awesome
Sadly, you’re going to be dead like some possums.
But, probably dead for realsies

To ensure retailers have enough copies to meet demand, Marvel will be going back to press on PunisherMAX #17 and PunisherMAX #18. The chapters kicking off “Homeless,” the name of Aaron and Dillon’s final arc, are only a taste of what’s in store for Frank Castle and Marvel wants to make sure no fan misses the beginning of the end.


Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Steve Dillon
Price: $2.99
Hits the Shelves: NOW – February

This February, prepare for the Punisher story you never thought you would read as Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon bring their epic run on PunisherMAX to an end with PunisherMAX #22. Frank Castle has been through it all and just when you think you know what’s coming in the series finale, think again.

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