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WPR First Look: NEW AVENGERS #31

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Alright, just who the heck is Rabum Alal and why is this character causing all of the Incusions that is destroying every universe in the multi-verse of Marvel? It seems we’re supposed to find out some details in New Avengers #31!

New Avengers #31

New Avengers #31 Cover

Cover by IN-HYUK LEE
Women of Marvel Variant by LAURA BRAGA (JAN150813)
FOC – 02/16/15, On-Sale – 03/11/15

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From the PR Inbox: Who is Rabum Alal? He who set off a chain of events that has led to the systematic destruction of every single universe and the death of everything. But what is the identity of this mysterious destructor? The question that has alluded all will finally be answered this March in the pages of NEW AVENGERS #31 – from blockbuster writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Kev Walker!

The Avengers and the Illuminati race against the clock to halt the death of their universe, yet the source of the Incursions remains a mystery. But not for long! Another signpost on the road to Secret Wars has been planted and you do not want to miss this issue! At long last, Rabul Alal’s identity and the origin of the Incursions revealed in March’s NEW AVENGERS #31!

New Avengers #31

Women of Marvel Variant by LAURA BRAGA

New Avengers #31

New Avengers #31 – Preview page 1

New Avengers #31

New Avengers #31 – Preview page 2

New Avengers #31

New Avengers #31 – Preview Page 3

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