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WPR First Look Reviews: D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual

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Mmmm, what have your brought to me young adventurer? A fresh D&D Monster Manual? deep sniff Oh yes, I know of this book. Foolish one that you are. I can now feel the looming fear from your adventuring party, is that your collective legs twitching that is causing such a rumble? Fear not, as I hell I will be unleashing upon you will be swift, but oh so enduring in the torture afterwards. Oh yes…caresses the cover what shall I set upon you this moment?

Monster Manuel Cover Art

The new Fifth Edition D&D Monster Manual is due to release on September 30th, and I’ve been granted a lovely early copy to check out. This is the second of the three core rulebooks to be released (first being Player’s Handbook) and goes with the new starter box set and Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure as the latest offerings for 5th Edition.

Flipping through the pages for the first time, it’s easy to notice the detailed artwork. Instantly, my brain started to conjure up ideas for an adventure. I flipped to my favorite bad guys, Goblins (I don’t know why I favor them) and after reading through it I formed the first stage of my next adventure I want to run. Coincidentally, it would be my first adventure ever, since I’ve never DM’d a game before.

It honestly didn’t feel overwhelming for me, someone who has never run or even (gasp) played a real deal game of D&D in a physical setting. I’ve only played on website forums, which obviously isn’t the same when you sometimes have to wait 3 days for a player to make an action. After reading through the Player’s Handbook, and now the Monster Manual, I’m early anticipating the Dungeon Masters Guide. So, as a technically D&D newbie for the physical world I can see where this would become such an essential piece for world builders. My brain is already spinning tales and I honestly can’t wait to dive deeper into this thing.

You can pick up your copy of the Monster Manual (D&D Core Rulebook) on September 30th! Don’t miss out my fellow world builders.

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