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WPR First Look Comics: SPIDER-MAN & THE X-MEN #1

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Superhero school is now in session…

Besides his fantastic spider-like abilities, it now looks like Peter Parker will also be gaining the comic book superpower of being everywhere at once. Aside from attempting to save all the different Spider-Men from across all dimensions in his Spider-Verse saga, starting this December Peter will also be flexing his superhero muscles at his new job, as a teacher at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Yup, Spider-Man is now the new Special Guidance Counselor at the school for Mutants, which actually sounds like a pretty cool concept. I’m not sure if Parker is quite the right hero to be teaching the minds of young mutants, but when Wolverine asks you to do him a favor before he died, you do it. Either way this crossover series looks just different enough to be intriguing, I’ll definitely be checking out Spider-Man’s first day of school.

Variant Covers by SKOTTIE YOUNG
On-Sale – 12/10/14

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Marvel’s Official Release:

This December, the newest member of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning swings into action in SPIDER-MAN & THE X-MEN #1 – the new ongoing series from rising stars Elliot Kalan and Marco Failla! That’s right, it doesn’t take an X-Gene to sculpt the next generation of young mutants and Peter Parker is happy to take on his new position as the Jean Grey School’s new Special Guidance Counselor. But keeping young mutants on the straight and narrow isn’t the webhead’s only reason for being there!

“He’s there because Wolverine asked him to do it,” says series writer Elliot Kalan in an interview with, “though being a teacher isn’t the extent of his mission. Before Wolverine died, he had a suspicion that something was amiss at the school and that one of the students wasn’t what they seemed. Only he didn’t know which student. It’s Spidey’s job to find the truth – though he can’t help but hope to also have a positive influence on the lives of the students.”

Though the rest of the faculty might not be down with their newest member, especially when he leads his group of students into battle against Sauron and Stegron, the Dinosaur Man! That’s right – it’s a prehistoric villain team up 65 million years in the making. And you can be there for it when the webhead swings into action with the next generation of mutants in SPIDER-MAN & THE X-MEN #1 – on sale this December!

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