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WPR First Look Comics: Scarlet Spiders #1

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It’s just your friendly neighborhood multiverse versions of Spider-Man…

Marvel continues to spin it’s web on the epic multi-universe spanning Spider-Man event, Spider-Verse, with the newest series tie-in, Scarlet Spiders #1. Featuring Scarlet Spider, Spider-Woman Jessica, and Spider-Clone Ben, Scarlet Spiders will send the trio behind enemy lines on a mission that could save the life of every Spider-Man across the mutiverse. It’s been a while since i’ve been this excited for a Spider-Man event, but the idea of having every version of Spider-Man together in one series has me ready to throw a wad of cash at my local comic book store. You can bet i’ll be reading every issue of the Spider-Verse saga, starting with this one.

Written by MIKE COSTA
Variant Cover by MARK BAGLEY
ON-SALE 11/19/14

Buy a copy to be delivered right to you! Scarlet Spiders #1 (of 3), Scarlet Spiders #2 (of 3), Scarlet Spiders #3 (of 3)

Marvel’s Offical Release:

Together for the first time! Amidst the chaos of Spider-Verse, three fan-favorite characters unite for a desperate mission into the unknown in SCARLET SPIDERS #1! And not all of them are going to make it back! From creators Mike Costa and Paco Diaz – Kaine, Ben Reilly and Ultimate Jessica Drew must unite for a deadly operation behind enemy lines. When the Spiders discover one of the technological secrets that make Morlun and his family so powerful, it’s up to the Scarlet Spiders to go deep behind enemy lines into one of the twisted realms Morlun’s family rules to shut it down. If they fail, every Spider from across the multiverse will face certain death! What horrors await them across the multiverse? Find out in November as Kaine, Ben Reilly and Ultimate Jessica Drew swing into action in SCARLET SPIDERS #1!

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