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WPR First Look: Adventure Time’s THE MOUNTAIN

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AT the mountain titlecard

Lemongrab is back! One of my favorite annoying, but you have to love them anyways characters. From the extended preview Cartoon Network sent us for The Mountain we can see Lemongrab is hard at work not being hard at work. His workers are any Industrialist’s dream, slaving away and then passing out when he calls out a “lights out” right where they work.

It seems though, that maybe Lemongrab is looking to expand himself in the mind? We all know Finn is still a little confused as to what the butt happened with his Dad in the last episode, The Visitor. So, why he is going on a journey of discovery is fairly obvious. Let’s just hope that Lemongrab doesn’t do anything too weird. But, it’s Lemongrab, he’ll do something weird on top of weird. Looking forward to this episode!

adventure time the mountain

Finn makes a new discovery.

From the PR Inbox: On this week’s episode of Adventure Time, Thursday, February 12 at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT)… “The Mountain” – Lemongrab and Finn go on a journey of discovery through the Mountain of Matthew.

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