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WPR First Look: Adventure Time Jake Vs Me-Mow :UPDATED:

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Is it Monday yet? See what happens when fan art comes to life! I hope they know that they will now get flooded with fan art.

“The guys square off against a tiny cat assassin.”

We’ve got a couple of things for you on the next episode airing Nov 21st! Obviously, the gallery below, and a clip you won’t see anywhere else (Until some other bastard jumps through all the hoops at Cartoon Network like I did)

Clip and Images Courtesy of Cartoon Network:

Sorry, the Clip of Jake First Meeting Me-Mow has been taken down, Cartoon Network wants us to do a better job of keeping these videos “exclusive” which means not on Youtube or anything embeddable/sharable/downloadable. We’re looking into options to buy a program to do and keep them happy, hopefully it won’t take long and we can go back to giving you guys exclusives for Adventure Time!

Also, here is a preview of the episode:

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