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WPR First Look: 2 New Comics from Studio 407

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I just got an email from a friend of WPR at Studio 407 and since WPR has always been a supporter of small comic book publishers since day 1 I’m not going to buck that trend. Here are two of their new comics coming out in May of this year, we hope you put in some pre-orders at your local comic shop. I’m not a horror guy, so The Golem is looking like something I’ll definitely be checking out only because in the release it said “He’s the Dirt that brings the Hurt” that’s just funny.

Remember everyone there ARE other publishers than DC and Marvel.

The Night Projectionist

Writer: Robert Heske
Artist: Diego Yapura
Price: $12.99
Hits the Shelves: May, 2012

On the eve of Halloween a small group of movie goers attend the final showing in an old movie theater not knowing it could be the last thing they ever see! All hell breaks loose when the theater is surrounded by a coven of vampires, and the only person who knows why is the mysterious night projectionist. But is he going to help these people or get them killed? Soon a bloody war rages through the theater with the body count multiplying by the minute. Don’ t miss this no holds barred, tale of bloody revenge that puts the bite back into vampire stories!

The Golem

Writer: Scott Barkman
Artist: Alex Leung
Price: #12.99
Hits the Shelves: May, 2012

In war-torn Sarajevo, one man fueled by rage and loss uses mystic cabala magic to create the ultimate defender of the weak – a hulking mountain of destruction known as GOLEM! But Golem soon breaks free from his creator’s control to deal justice on his own terms, blazing his own path of retribution and devastation. Can the forces of both good and evil be marshaled together to destroy the uncontrollable abomination? Or will the world face the first WMD with teeth? It’s an no-holds-barred, slug fest you can’t miss!

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