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WPR Discusses: Ways to Save and/or Make Money in 2011

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What are we too late to join the “Tips for 2011” bandwagon? Too bad, we want to help you anyways. You’re welcome, in advance.

We here at WatchPlayRead are an industrious bunch, and everyone has a different way to climb that social ladder, or in some cases, fall down it. Regardless, here are some helpful tips from the people who care about you must. I’ll start off with my quick tips, and then move on to the rest of our staff.

My Money Tip of 2011, is to

A) Invest in mattresses, because people need a place to hide their money
B) Find a homeless guy that has some kind of charming viral video marketability to cash in on and then make them homeless again while I’m a millionaire.
C) Donate at the sperm bank, and laugh every time because I know I’m sterile now.
D) Invest in the stock market (Yes, this is my serious one, stocks are still cheap and there is a nice rally going on)

James Helsby

1) make a budget, stick to it as much as you can. Change your budget to better fit your needs, but only after you try to live within it first. You might spend 40$ on groceries this week, and have allotted 20$. Next week, try allotting 30$ and trying to make it work.
2) Balance you check book, credit cards, savings and other accounts daily. use google docs, and make a spread sheet, to make this easy and always available. If you can’t do it daily, do it every other day. The Key is to do it often so it doesn’t become a chore. Don’t rely on fancy programs to do it for you. It is very important that YOU know how to live within your budget and what it takes to make a budget, and not some program.
3) try to be at least 1 month ahead. If possible, be several months ahead in your structured bills. If you can pay Feburary’s mortgage in January, do it. If you can pay March’s mortgage in January, do it. It means you will have 2 months where you don’t have to worry about it. Keep ahead as much as possible.
4) Use a seperate ‘staging’ account for paying your bills. Put the amount of your bills into this ‘do not touch’ account until you can transfer out of the account directly to your billers. Use EFT / online bill pay as much as possible. Transfer the funds into the staging account as soon as you deposit your paychecks. Bills always come first, before play.
5) plan when your bills will be do, and and try to group your bills together, so it is easier to remember to pay them off. I have 3 periods during the month when bills are due. Beginning, middle, End.
6) for every dollar you spend on a credit card, pay that damn credit card off. Don’t carry a balance unless you absolutely need to.
7) Take your money away from yourself, if you can. Invest it in a safe investment, like a CD or in a IRA. You may not get as good of a return as if you were to invest in a risky venture, but the point is to SAVE as much money as you can.
8) have some fun. Stash a little money away for yourself and your family. Remember that the budget you apply is restrictive. Every now and then you need to relax a little bit and be free from constraint. Just remember to go back into the budget as soon as you can.
9) Don’t fall into the cash-budget trap. You tend to have more cash onhand than you need, to over-draw your funds and have extra spending money left over. I prefer to use debit cards and a well balanced account than cash.
10) be kind and generous with your family and friends, and even complete strangers when ever possible. Treat everyone with the respect they deserve. (yes, this is unrelated to financial advise, but this is my advice to anyone willing to listen.)

Nick West

1) Drink other people’s booze.
2) Rob a bank.
3) Go to prison and ride out the recession (it’s “over” my ass).


Saving money is the simplest thing to do if you have the right mindset. I always have 3 “money” goals going at all times in my life. One huge goal that is going to take a year to save up, one minor goal that will take 3-6 months to achieve, and one goal that can be obtained in a month. I’ve been doing this for the last 5 years and I always get whatever the hell I want without fear of being broke. I have at least 3 months of savings just in case my wife and I lose our jobs. The biggest and most important thing to do is to just open a savings account and contribute to it every paycheck. In the long run, it pays off in great dividends.

Also, never buy full retail if you can help it. I buy a fuck ton of games but last year I only paid full price for 3 games. Just have some patience and wait for the sales. They will come, trust me.

Evan Burkey

1) Steal Underpants
2) ???
3) Profit!

I’d contribute more but I spend all my money on PVC figures of anime girls bending over and buying another yet copy of Chrono Trigger.

Chad Bramble

1) Library
2) Used games
3) Sell used games back! (I am working on selling the used comic books too!)
4) Don’t buy movie tickets online. Hell, don’t even go the first weekend. Go to matinees and budget theatres.
5) Netflix. Buy no DVDs or Blu-Rays.
6) Buy no toys that are of not of use. My biggest buys of the past year are the Tardis cookie jar and the Enterprise pizza cutter.

In other words; reassess what you think is important in your life.

Ryan Wilson

1) Stay/become single. Raise alpacas.
2) Eat only alpaca meat.

Cassidy Kirkham

1- Sell your soul to the devil (maybe you can learn to play the guitar at the same time!)
2- Sell your body (make sure you are regularly tested for stds if you choose this path to wealth)
3- Sell plasma and/or blood
4- Become a “doner” for a vampire (I think they pay you for this)
5- Eat less McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King, etc.
6- Stop paying taxes (I wouldn’t suggest this one… it might land you in prison)
7- Put money into savings, as much as you feel you can comfortably afford each paycheck
8- Try investing. If you’re not sure how, you can speak with a financial advisor. You won’t get a payoff right away, but it helps in the long run.
9- Get a second job (if you need to). My friend Katie paid off 4 credit cards in 2 months working one job full time and one part time.
10- Auction off your virginity on Ebay. Apparently this pays really well. (This only works if you are a virgin.)

Chris Kirkham

We’re usually pretty spontaneous with money around our home, which probably isn’t smart. But we did manage to get a new car and I finally landed a grown up job. Here are some other ideas…

1. Invent something genius, like mints that make your farts smell like eucalyptus, or a cologne that smells like the beach, or even a coffee table book that doubles as a coffee table.

2. In 8th grade I made some good dough drawing nudy pictures for some friends…these days I just freelance more “respectable” like filming/editing weddings and illustrating/designing for peops.

3. Go to Japan, exchange lots of money for the Yen, then come back and exchange it back for the dollar. Not sure if this will do much, but going to Japan would be fun…but expensive (crap).

4. By less fast food and more sushi. Although the price difference is significantly against sushi, I’m convinced this has to be a good thing for the wallet.

Now that we’ve saved your year and padded your pockets with extra cash, you can repay us by buying stuff in our merch store!

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