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WPR Discusses – The Superbowl Ads

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I’m much like any normal geek, I watch the Superbowl only during the commercial breaks. I’m not kidding, the 5 hours that the game ate up this past Sunday had me switching between the Pixar marathon on ABC Family and the Superbowl for the entire night. I gave up at one point and decided that I should DVR the entire thing to watch at my leisure.

With that done, I decided to have a great evening of not watching the footsballs. I instead got to revisit my love for Toy Story 1 & 2 with my daughter, thinking the whole time, “Wow! Toy Story came out in 1995?” After my little lady finally went to bed…I got to work watching almost every commercial break that popped up except for the ones that came on during the Halftime show (cause we all know halftime is the righttime to go drop a deuce).

Sit back, relax and enjoy what commercials we thought deserved further scrutiny, and which ones entertained us the most. Though I must warn you, this wasn’t exactly the best year for Superbowl ads…but we make due with what we were given.

Xopher Reed

My favorite out of the bunch would have to be the one for Living Social that to me felt like someone was taking Monty Python’s “Lumberjack Song” and doing it in real life with the rugged bearded man who becomes a cross dresser at the end. I also enjoy how people are all sorts of pissed off about the whole thing.

James Helsby

For me, I actually enjoyed watching the game. I was gathered together with about 10 friends, and were all wrapped up in it. Go Green Bay!

However, I was enjoying the commercial breaks. The best of the bunch for me was probably the Dorito fiend, who would suck fingers and sniff pants, just to get his hands on the orange stuff.

the worst? all of the coke commercials. Especially that bloody stupid warrior cat vs ogre one. WTF was that? a dragon that spits fireworks? seriously? that was pathetic. And probably cost 5 million to make.

I would have rather watched a bottle of coke drip icy water for a minute than watch that commercial.

Evan Burkey

For me, it was easily the Darth Vader kid. You know everyone on this website has tried that at least once, heck I still do.

Ryan Wilson

I’d have to agree with Evan on the Darth Vader kid commercial. That thing was so damn cute and the kid’s reaction when the car starts was “panda sneezing” adorable.

The ‘Super 8’ commercial just confused me. My mind was already set on it being Cloverfield-esque, and the trailer was absolutely not.

Ryan Thomason

I was way to drunk to pay attention to the commercials. Throwing up in a paper Jack in the Box TO-GO bag on the way to the airport this morning was my low point.

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