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WPR Discusses 4th of July Edition: Favorite EXPLOSIONS!

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Nothing says ‘MURICA! Like, needlessly blowing things up at loud decibel levels. So, we at WatchPlayRead have decided to show you some of our favorite splosions that make; Eagles Cry, Meat grilled over fire and possible dismemberment of limbs.

I’ll start off with my favorite fireworks show, ever.

Kyle Steenblik

When Sauron explodes in the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring. Loves that sound.

Jasen Mortensen

Ryan Wilson

There are very few things more satisfying than the iconic head explosion from Scanners.

Evan Burkey

While not American, my favorite explosion is in Tchiakovosky’s The Year 1812, commonly known as The 1812 Overture. Not only did he write one of the greatest orchestral pieces of the 19th century, but he put motherfucking cannons in it just because he could.


I use to be really into fireworks but it’s too hot for that nonsense here in Florida. Now I just watch the last scene of V for Vendetta and call it a day.


That episode of South Park where Randy Marsh got backed up from…not having anything to watch on the Internet. The subsequent ball-splosion makes me say “Crom Bless America” every time.

(Editors Note: This is in German, because, funny.)

James Helsby

Personal favorite is probably the flechette bomb in Swordfish. That was just an awesome scene

Enjoy your 4th of July everyone (in the United States)

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