Ryan Thomason

Wow, They Killed Him. They Really did it.

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If you don’t want to know who was killed in the latest GI Joe: Cobra #12 comic that drops today, I highly suggest you don’t read this post until you read the comic. If not. Hold onto your seats, because I couldn’t believe it until I saw it. IDW even gave me the graphic of the shot, and damn, it’s cool. FIRST THOUGH, read this excellent review our own Nick West wrote.

Chuckles is an undercover GI Joe spy that has been infiltrating the Cobra base for the run of this series. Though, it looks like he might have a little *cough* confrontation on his hands, since he is almost killed. As usual Cobra Commander is on top of things, he didn’t get to that position without being somewhat intelligent. So when the big time came, Chuckles takes an opportunity and says “Yo Joe” and surprises the SHIT out of everyone in the room at Cobra then pumps a bullet into the guy closest to him, who was it? The graphic below should be enough to explain it to you.

Big things are going down in GI: Joe, and IDW gave WatchPlayRead the front seat to tell you what it is, keep your eyes peeled because tomorrow we’ve got some pretty kick ass news for you.

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