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I Worry About The Hype Machine – Destiny

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The other day, during the Activision 4th quarter earnings call CEO Bobby Kotick was touting the new IP from Bungie (creators of the Halo franchise) as potentially the “best-selling new video game IP in history.” This raises all sorts of red flags in my brain.

Keep in mind he’s not talking to the public but the movers and shakers in Activision Blizzard.

He also said that the game, yet another in the long line of Bungie first-person shooters, has “the potential to be [Activision’s] next billion-dollar franchise.” More red flags.

First off, I wish the guys at Bungie the best, they gave me years of Halo goodness so I’m sure they’re going to make a perfectly acceptable console FPS that will look and play great, but there’s no need for Mr. Kotick to start stoking the coals on the hype-train, let the game speak for itself damnit.

Second, I realize that you have a lot at stake here Mr. Activision Blizzard, you have to sell sell sell units of these games on a timetable that I’d not like to find myself part of but to say that a game is going to be the best-selling new IP shows willful ignorance toward savvy consumers who know the score. You’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of you to beat a few Wii games on the top of the charts.

Also, if it’s not going to be on PC as well, I’ll have to politely skip this one. Destiny will be out this September for Xbox and Playstation consoles.


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