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World War Z, World Premier – Movie Expectations and The Muse

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There are a lot of purists of the World War Z book that are giving this movie some kind of eyeballing treatment. Wondering just how it’s going to turn out. Alright, we have low expectations. But, with all of the people that keep talking to me about the movie, their excitement is rubbing off on me. This movie isn’t going to be a direct translation of the book that gained a huge following. What this movie DOES look like though, is an excellent adaption that should be fun as hell to watch. You will be entertained. Really, there is a good base fulfillment if you are at the least, entertained.

Musie Concert

Here is a clip from the world premier in London, that featured the Muse kicking off a rad looking concert. Everyone in the movie hyping it aside in the clip, you can catch a couple of super short clips we haven’t seen before. While I’m still a little skeptical about how the end result will be. At least there is The Muse to smooth it over in the end.

Yes, for those of you that are super excited for this movie and who have been sending me messages/emails. WPR will have GOFOBO codes for the Advance Screenings in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City.

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