World War Z movie going a little too real?

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Real guns, real antiterrorism units, real seizure of weapons for fear of a terrorist plot, Brad Pitt really angry.

Oh, come ON! How are we supposed to shoot zombies without real guns?!

A shipment of weapons was seized in Budapest for the film World War Z by the local anti-terrorism unit. Apparently instead of the gas guns that many groups use in films, they decided to go with real live firing guns. I applaud them for going with real guns in a film that there will likely be lots of shooting, but maybe they should have checked some of the local laws first. Apparently all the weapons, including over 80 fully automatic rifles, sniper rifles, hand guns, and the like were all still in perfect working condition instead of being disabled for shipment. As if that wasn’t a bad move already, some of the guns were reported to still be loaded with live ammo.

Perhaps they decided to go with real zombies as well to make for a realistic zombie apocalypse? Regular ammo would be cheaper than blanks or simunition probably and would get you some nice realistic reactions when getting shot. Heck, even crappy actors become professionals when they react to getting bit by a real zombie. It’s a great idea that is likely to take off in other films as time goes on. A new era is emerging, where snuff films and good cinema finally mix!

Or maybe not. Better luck next time Marc Forster.

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