James Helsby

World War Z finally starts production, with Brad Pitt pictures to prove it!

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Surely, this the best news I have had all day. Even better than winning the lottery. World War Z has finally started filming, and there are pictures to prove it!

That’s right, the psudeo-bigraphical-post-zombie-appocolypse thriller has move from “pre-production” to production. The attached images were taken on site in Isreal which is some what surprising in an of itself. You see, the first sequence in the book, is basically the first sequence that is being shot for the film. As the plague starts, Isreal closes it’s borders to anyone and everyone who is not of Isrealie descent. Ever. Like if your great great grandfather’s sister was an Isreali, you could get it.

But in order to enter, you must pass through a guntlet of dogs, who have been trained to sniff out the infected…

Pretty awesome to see this being held true. And, as you can clearly see…. Brad Pitt is definately attached.  According to AICN, he may infact be playing the part of Max Brooks (the Author). Time will tell….

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