World War Z out on DVD and Blu-Ray TODAY!!!

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Bring the plague to your livingroom with the action-packed and zombie-filled World War Z!

World War Z

World War Z wouldn’t top my list in the zombie movie genre. However I would consider it a top contender in the amount of zombies per square foot arena, as well as the number of backdrops used in a film. World War Z moves all over, but for good reasons, and it works! I hope everyone is as excited as I am about the DVD/Blue-ray release today. I got a chance to see this one in theaters early and loved every second of it. You can read Jasen Mortensen‘s, Michelle Kilmer’s and my own review of it here.


So please, if you haven’t seen it yet go check it out and report back to me with your thoughts about World War Z. Or if you already have, would you recommend this movie to others? Why or Why not?




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