Alan Smithee

World of Warcraft Subscriptions Drops 1.3 Million

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Might the neckbeards be moving on to bigger and brighter games?

Activision Blizzard shocked me yesterday when they announced that their subscription-based MMORPG dropped by more than 10% in the first quarter of 2013. This could have absolutely nothing to do with the 1 year annual pass purchase that came with a ‘free’ copy of Diablo III last year could it?

That’s merely speculation on my part, but I do think that they’re definitely not hurting for income as they remain the juggernaut when it comes to MMO market share. Having 8 million plus members paying monthly is a nice and convenient chunk of change to be able to take to the bank each month.

If you need more fun with numbers about Activision Blizzard’s memberships, there’s a ton more information in the PDF below.


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