Ryan Wilson

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Dated

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I may not be one of the over 11.5 million people engaged in this franchise, but I must give them credit for putting the effort in to keep their title fresh. For those of you that do care, the following news may require a change in pants. Cataclysm, the newest expansion in World of Warcraft, is slated for release on December 7 for the price of $39.99. Continuing players can expect such perks as a level cap increase to 85, new quests, early DirectX 11 support, and two new playable races: the Goblin and the Worgen, which I assume (probably incorrectly) is a wolf/dragon hybrid.

Those with a little extra bulk in their pocket can opt for the Collector’s Edition, at $79.99, which includes an art book, “making-of” DVD, soundtrack, mousepad, and an exclusive in-game pet.

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