Alan Smithee

Work Break Time: Afternoon Delight

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It’s a bit past lunch time for most of us here on WPR and like everyday, our thoughts drift away towards that magical time we like to call Beer:30. It’s that time of the week where you’re done thinking about work and can only think of that frosty and sudsy nectar of the Gods…BEER!

We all know that when you order a beer, there’s a bit of a process involving angling of the cup to minimize head produced, and the slowness of the tap. The guys at GrinOn have managed to remedy this by filling the glass from the bottom…and the solution will baffle Juggalos and most of the Insane Clown Posse, MAGNETS!!!

The glass has a magnet around its base shaped like a donut which has a magnetic ‘pog’ that goes over the magnetic donut as you lift the beer from the tap. In my opinion, it won’t solve the world but it’s still pretty damned nifty if you’ve ever spent time in a beer line somewhere.

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