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Wonder Woman’s Hot Pants…Confirmed?

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Ok, I had some hope for this show when they announced it was being made, then they attached David E. Kelley as the writer and I got a little more excited…after all, the guy is responsible for some damn good television shows, though most of them involve lawyers and not a super powered amazonian with see-through fighter planes and bondage gear that forces you to tell the truth.

Well we’ve seen not one, but two different versions of Adrianne Palicki’s costume that she’ll be wearing on the show, both of them were rather meh. However we now know and have confirmation that the old style granny panties that Linda Carter wore in the old version of the show, will be back with a vengeance. Kelley was even quoted as saying the following:

“There was an initial outcry about the long pants – you know, skintight pants as opposed to those little shorts [worn by Lynda Carter in the original TV series]. But the shorts were always planned. They are actually used in the final confrontation when she beats Veronica Cale (played by Elizabeth Hurley).”

I can understand using them in the comics, and let’s face it, televisions shows in the seventies were a different breed than what we expect as an audience in the 2010s. I just don’t think that having Ms. Palicki wearing them will be a good idea. They really should have gone the Smallville route and just did away with costume all together until they needed a ratings boost.

I’m not really thrilled for this show and it seems that NBC isn’t either considering they haven’t decided to put the show on the fall schedule yet. DC, please stick to making great comics and animated programs, you’re not exactly suited for the live-action arena.


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