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Wonder Woman Revealed

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Fresh from the bowels of the Internet and Entertainment Weekly, we have our first look at Adrianne Palicki as the DC amazonian.

Ok I’m conflicted here. On one hand I dig the blue leather pants and think that it’s a pretty hot costume, while on the other, my inner anti-geek is groaning over how terrible the whole getup appears. It’s hell being a geek sometimes folks, let me tell you. Then again, there’s that little bit of inner-gay/catty female that all of us men have that can’t help but notice the boob gap.

REGARDLESS OF ALL THAT…This is actually how Diana will appear as Wonder Woman on the new David E. Kelley show on NBC, and apparently they’re saying that this will be a show that takes itself seriously. Not like The Cape or No Ordinary Family, this show will be serious business. How they plan to reconcile the plastic looking accoutrement along with some of the brightest hues this side of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, I’ll never know.

What say ye fellow geeks?

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