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Wonder Woman Might Finally Be Getting Her Own Film

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Well it’s about time…
News broke this week that Gal Gadot’s contract to play Wonder Woman is in fact a three picture deal worth $300,000 a picture. It was also reported that those three movies are going to be the already announced Man of Steel 2, a Justice League film, and a stand alone Wonder Woman film. Now keep in mind that Warner Bros has yet to confirm this, but the lower dollar amount makes since for a lesser known star like Gadot, and it also lines up with the three picture deal Henry Cavill got for the Superman role. So if all this is true, Wonder Woman fans should be pretty excited, a solo film might finally be happening.

Gal-Gadot2Over the years Wonder Woman, for whatever reason, has seemingly been one of the most difficult superheroes to get to the big screen. Heck, even Joss Whedon couldn’t get his idea for the Amazon Princess greenlit by the studio brass. But with the success of the Avengers, Warner Bros seems almost desperate to get a Justice League movie into theaters, and with that an opportunity has finally come to get Diana the exposure she deserves. Now a solo film is far from a done deal, not only does Man of Steel and/or Justice League have to be finically successful, but Gadot and her portrayal of Wonder Woman are going to have to be very well received. My guess is that this is the reason Gadot was only given a three year deal in the first place, the studio has no idea if people are going to like her, or Wonder Woman for that matter. Marvel tends to have their stars sign seven and nine picture deals, so it would appear Warner Bros seems to be going for the lower risk deals. I will say this, if these DC movies make the kind of money I expect them to, Warner Bros is going to wish that they had all their stars locked into long term, studio friendly deals. But I guess that’s their problem to deal with. I’m just glad that Wonder Woman finally has a chance to get a solo adventure, it’s been long overdue.

But what do you think? Are you excited a possible Wonder Woman film is coming, or this one superhero that should stay in the comic books? Let us know what you think, sound off in the comments below!!

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