Jill Seale

Wolves and cookies go live in Minecraft. What else do we need?

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Last week we got a sneak peak of our new canine pals in the cold, lonely wastes of Minecraft-land. Today they went live, along with a gaggle of other goodies.

Firstly, lets talk about wolves and how you can get one. You can only find wolves in a forest or taiga. If you do find a group of wolves (It seems like they’re a rare find) tread lightly. If you slip up and whack one you’ll find yourselves swarmed on by your prospective pals. Instead, chuck some bones at one (a random amount) until a heart shows up over its head and a red collar appears around its neck. Congratulations! You’re buds! Your wolf will follow you around wherever you go and attack anything you hit once. Don’t worry about getting too far ahead of him, because he’ll just teleport to you if he’s lagging behind. Keep an eye on his tail, the higher it is, the higher the wolf’s health is. If his tail starts getting too low, feed him a pork chop and he’ll perk right up.

Wolves are definitely the main attraction, but there are some other interesting things to check out in this patch, including:

  • Cookies!
  • The obligatory April Fool’s joke
  • Some stat tracking flim-flamery
  • A spiffy new logo
  • Brown and pink sheep!
  • Tree mushrooms!
  • So what about it, kids? Anybody planning on jumping back into the Minecrafts this weekend? Know any good servers?


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