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Wizards Only, Fools – Adventure Time Episode Review

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Do you believe in magic? Starchy does. Bluwbblublublub, Magic.

Well, what happens when Starchy gets sick? He wants a cold spell. Magic. Not Science! Apparently Starchy has a belief system in magic, which obviously doesn’t please Princess Bubblegum and her Science! Background to….everything. Princess Bubblegum asks Nurse Poundcake to hold Starchy down, but declines due to her uncle being a magic worker and curing her of her sadness. Nuts. So, even though she tells Starchy she’ll go to Wizard Town and get him a cold spell, he still says she’s a jerk for hurting his feelings.

Adventure_Time_-_Wizards_onlyFoolsDon’t hurt Starchy’s feelings, ok?

Regardless, this episode is just some good ‘ol “Do you believe in Magic?” going all around. Princess Bubblegum is obviously not, since she see’s a scientific method behind everything. Which is actually kind of pretty thoughtful. What is Magic? A simple wizardly spell, or just a basic manipulation of forces through the use of a special science? Obviously, this episode is much, much more paired down than that for the target audience.

Eventually when they get into prison, I was wondering how this episode was quickly going to wrap up as it approached the 12 minute mark. And, much like in the beginning, it ended exactly how it should have in the first place.

Sorry, Starchy. Hope the cold gets better now.

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