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Wizards Announces Early ’12 Grand Prix; Announces Pro Tour Honolulu

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Wizards has announced the first events of the 2012 Pro Tour season.

From the official release:

The Pro Tour returns to Hawaii in February as the marquee showcase of high-level Magic play. Pro Tour Dark Ascension in Honolulu will be February 10-12, one week after the release of Dark Ascension. By aligning the Pro Tour so closely to the launch of a new set, the Pro Tour becomes the exclamation point to the Dark Ascension release season. With the Pro Tour turning into a private event, Wizards of the Coast will increase the amount of coverage through streaming video, audio, text, live chat, and social media to make fans at home feel like a part of the event. Our expanded Pro Tour coverage will highlight the top players in the world showing off the latest deck ideas and strategies from the new set.

That is particularly interesting. Lining up major Pro events with set releases makes a lot of sense. I imagine that we are going to see more Star City style videos and events for this upcoming Pro season. Below is the schedule for the first few months of Grand Prix events.

Austin USA January 7-8, 2012
Orlando USA January 14-15, 2012
Kobe Japan February 18-19, 2012
Lincoln USA February 18-19, 2012
Madrid Spain February 25-26, 2012
Baltimore USA February 25-26, 2012
Lille France March 3-4, 2012
Seattle USA March 3-4, 2012
Indianapolis USA March 10-11, 2012
Nashville USA March 17-18, 2012
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia March 24-25, 2012
Mexico City Mexico March 24-25, 2012
Melbourne Australia March 31-April 1, 2012
Salt Lake City USA March 31-April 1, 2012
Turin Italy March 31-April 1, 2012

The event that I am obviously most excited about is the Salt Lake City event. There hasn’t been a “major” Magic event since a 2005 Grand Prix. I’m particularly excited in participating in an event of this caliber. I’ve played in the Legacy World Championships a few years back and I love watching high level Magic and I’m sincerely hoping that it will be Sealed or Draft.

You can get more information from the official announcement below.


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