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Wizards Announces “Ajani vs Nicol Bolas” Theme Deck.

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Rumors have been floating around for a little while about this product, but it is finally officially announced we will be seeing Planeswalkers Nicol Bolas and Ajani Goldmane duke it out for the fate of Alara.

According to the Wizards article:

The leonin Ajani Goldmane scours the shards of Alara with a single thought in mind: revenge. Filled with rage at the murder of his brother, Jazal, Ajani searches for his killer. Leaving no stone unturned, his wrath grows along with his power as a Planeswalker, leading him to an ultimate showdown with the Multiverse’s master manipulator.

Nicol Bolas is beginning to feel effects of the eons of time and knows it will take the mana of an entire plane to rejuvenate his ancient power and set his new schemes in motion. As he expertly maneuvers the pieces of his interplanar game into place, he encounters an indomitable will bent on retribution.

The battle of Alara’s Maelstrom is in your hands. Determine the fate of an entire plane and the outcome of an epic conflict between two rival Planeswalkers.

I’m really excited for this product. I love the “Duel Decks” for a player like me who really doesn’t have much time or interest in building decks all the time, I love the pick up and go these products offer me. I hope this means we will be getting some interesting cards from the presumably, Red, Black, and Blue deck that Nicol Bolas will be running. He is one of the most evil Planeswalkers among us, so I hope his deck lives up to his reputation.

To see more details check out the source link below.

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