Ryan Thomason

With All the Game of Thrones Hype, We Forgot About Camelot

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HBO isn’t the only channel that is trying to tackle the epic fantasy market, Starz is premiering their take on the old King Arthur tale starting on Friday April 1st. I’m 99% sure it’s not an April fools joke. Since my wife and I realized that Dish Network was giving us the whole Starz package for free, I immediately had to double check that this show was indeed airing on the the network. I may have to wait for Game of Thrones on DVD, but at least I’ll get to watch this series week by week.

The 2 hour premier will be setting the stage for the adventure that will unfold. I’m actually getting pretty excited to check this out. I like the casting of Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, it’s nice to not have the grizzled old man Merlin for once. From what I’ve heard Fiennes plays a more reluctant, gritter Merlin, and I can dig that. I’ll be honest, the rest of the cast I don’t really know much about, Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur looks promising, and I like the look of their Guinevere played by Tamsin Egerton. All in all, this is definitely something worth watching to test the waters of it you’ll like it or not.

Are you going to be joining me?

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