Witcher 2 On Xbox 360 Has Been Delayed Until Next Year

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Those of us who aren’t yet part of the PC Master Race will have to wait a little longer to get our Witcher on. CD Projekt’s RPG was due to be released on Xbox 360 at some point during the end of this year, but the developer, speaking to Gamepur, has confirmed that it will be delayed until the first quarter of 2012.

The reason given by CD Projekt is so they can “polish” the title a little more. Sounds perfectly reasonable if it means less chance of bugs and glitches on its console release. There is also an ongoing legal battle between THQ and Namco Bandai over the rights to publish the game. The latter published the PC version and are releasing the 360 version in the US under Atari, where as THQ are releasing the 360 version in Europe. This has played a part in CD Projekt’s decision to delay the game.

Well look on the bright side, at least that leaves more room for Skyrim?

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