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Winter Soldier Concept Changes My Mind

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captainamericathewinter-600x372The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be eating up a whole hell of a lot of blog space for me these days as I find it incredibly easy to get lost in these movie remakes of comic characters I’ve loved for years. There was only one movie in the MCU that I didn’t LOVE and that was Captain America.

Now I won’t get into all of the sordid details about this movie since I’m not going to be changing anyone’s minds about the flick and not to mention all of my arguments are solely gut reactions to things that really, truly, and honestly don’t matter in the long run.

The one thing I feel that they did a miraculous job with in the Captain America movie was in the costume department as they managed to not only make Hugo Weaving look completely wicked as the Red Skull, but they managed to sell a more believable Cap to the world, and after seeing this one bit of concept art for the next Captain America, I can say that I’m super happy they got one thing right, the mother effing cybernetic arm!

After he fell off the train in the first movie, Bucky Barnes gets frozen and later picked up by the Soviets minus one arm and with a full blown case of amnesia, therein lies the entire drama of the next film. I’m just really glad that they didn’t pussy out and remove the awesomely 80s based comic book tech (yes I know Winter Soldier came out in ’05).

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