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Windows 8 Touts Eight Second Boot

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You read that correctly, the kernel development team at Microsoft has found a way to make the notorious MS operating system boot in approximately eight seconds.

Depending on how you look at it, it could truly be a feature worth buying the new OS for…if it didn’t smack of clever marketing.

Right now, with Windows 7, when you do a shut down on the system, all sessions are closed as are all device and services for EVERY user. Windows 8 has essentially punked the world by making their powered off mode match that of sleep or hibernation on other Windows builds.

Ok well that’s not 100% true either. What the OS does is save the kernel session to disk like a hibernation. Instead of every program and every device being saved (as is done in a hibernation) ONLY the OS kernel is saved. This means that when the system ‘reboots’, the OS will load the last saved kernel instead of booting from scratch.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t sound like a great deal because MS in all of their infinite knowledge has seen fit to include the ol’ faithful Windows 7 shut down as an option if you choose so. Just watch the video above for a demonstration.

I can only wonder if they’ll get it down to a lower time if they decide to go with SSD tech instead of platter hard drives.

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