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Win Thrall! Brought to you by Seventh Star Press!

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Good news everyone! We have a new contest, and this is one we are really excited to give to you!

We’ve met some great people at Seventh Star Press, and have been given this great opportunity to help them get the word out on what we think will be an incredible new series from the work of Steven Shrewsbury. Thrall is the first book in this dark fantasy setting featuring a new contender for fantasy bad ass status Gorias La Gaul. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, the book comes on out December 7th, and they will have it all shipped to the winners easily before Christmas! The contest closes on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19 @ 5PM Eastern Time. We here at WatchPlayRead are very excited about this book, and couldn’t wait until a review to let you know about it, it’s always cool to get in right when something like this is starting, and this is a ride you don’t want to miss.

We will be taking all entries up until that point, even if you don’t live in the United States, we are still opening up this contest to you! With the exceptions of the runner ups, you must live in the US to win in the runner up category. That includes our staff, because we can’t afford to give them a Christmas Bonus, it’s just as good to let them try to win a contest right?

Want to know what you are going to win and how? Let me fill you in on the details.

A Copy of Thrall, a full set of 4 glossy 5X7’s featuring the cover art, the 2 illustrations in the regular edition of Thrall, AND the additional illustration in the limited edition version. A set of 3 Bookmarks featuring the cover art and the 2 illustrations in the regular edition. Finally, a sharp 14X20 poster of Gorias La Gaul.

Each will get a copy of Thrall, plus the bookmarks!

That part is simple, leave a comment on this post! Just say “Gorias La Gaul is coming, are you ready?”. Make sure you leave a valid email when making the comment so we know how to get in touch with you.

If you sign up and leave a comment on our forum topic also, yup, two entries for you!

Everyone will get tossed onto a list, given a number, dice will be rolled on the closing date, and whoever has the matching numbers win!

If you consider yourself a smart cookie, and want to make a good investment in addition to doing this contest you really owe it to yourself to check out Seventh Star Press and their Online store for this book. For 29.99 you get one of the 75 super Limited Edition Hardcovers of Thrall numbered and signed by the author. As a guy who plays the stock market, the risk/reward of this investment should make it an easy purchase for you. That way, when you win this contest to get a paperback verson, you don’t have to worry about losing the value on your Limited Hardcover from oily fingers and accidental coffee spills on the pages!

For Gorias La Gaul, Deliverance Will Come…

Set in the mists of ancient times, Thrall tells the story of Gorias La Gaul, an aging warrior who has lived for centuries battling the monstrosities of legend and lore. It is an age when the Nephilum walk the earth, demonic forces hunger to be unleashed, and dragons still soar through the skies … living and undead. On a journey to find one of his own blood, a young man who is caught in the shadow of necromancy, Gorias’ path crosses with familiar enemies, some of whom not even death can hold bound.

Thrall is gritty, dark-edged heroic fantasy in the vein of Robert E. Howard and David Gemmell. It is a maelstrom of hard-hitting action and unpredictable imagery, taking place within an incredible antediluvian world. In Gorias La Gaul, Thrall introduces an iconic new character to the realms of fantasy literature. Thrall invites the reader to go on a perilous journey where it is not a matter of whether one has the courage to die, but whether one has the courage to live.

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