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William Gibson’s Neromancer Greenlit for Movie Treatment

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The godfather of all things cyberpunk, William Gibson, wrote a novel back in the early 1980s that would go on to inspire science fiction writers and storylines for years to come…and now we’re going to get a movie version of the triple-crown sci-fi tale of Henry Case.

Lead producer Jay Firestone of Prodigy Pictures, Inc has managed to secure a whopping 60 million dollar budget that will feature Vincenzo Natali as the director. If you’re thinking that name sounds familiar, you might have caught his work on movies like Cube and Splice.

Knowing that a director of what seems to be a pedigree of sci-fi and trillers will be taking on an important piece of literature (for me at least) puts me at ease for this film’s release sometime in either late 2012 or early 2013…considering they haven’t even began principal photography for the movie.

I’d like to say that I can’t wait for this film to be released, but we all know that 2 years is an eternity of watching for a pot to come to a boil, so I will patiently wait.

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