Ryan Thomason

Will Michael Clarke Duncan Save Green Lantern Movie?

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Here’s an interview with Michael Clarke Duncan when he visited Attack of the Show, featuring a new clip of him as Kilowog. This movie is still a huge toss up for me. It might be that I never got into DC Comics beyond a couple of characters, but Green Lantern was always something I avoided for some reason. Maybe I’m still bitter about Blue Beetle. I have to say though, this clip does look pretty cool, Kilowog is a pretty cool character, and even though I’ve always had a previous gripe against Green Lantern, I’ve been doing my research and find myself starting to like the character. We’ll see if that translates into me actually wanted to see this movie though. I AM though, all for the DC Animation movies, and will watch any of those without hesitation. I’m weird like that.

The clip starts at the 0:23 mark. So you can skip to there, and then watch, then disregard the rest of the whole interview. Because G4 was a million times better as Tech TV.

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