Alan Smithee

Will Google Kill the Nexus Lineup?

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There was a rumor floating around that Google is eyeing killing the Nexus line of products in 2015 that was sparked by this:

It states that they will discontinue the Nexus branding in lieu of having a Google Play Edition (intial branding) which will more than likely pick out the best performing devices in the market and rebrand them as GPE devices that will run a stock version of Android.

Or so everyone is lead to believe. I’m calling bullshit and here’s why. An engineer who works for Google Google_logo

That quote comes from The Verge from last August regarding the future of the Nexus line after the revelation of the Moto X after Google acquired Motorola. That one quote should put the tinfoil hat wearing techies in their place, but alas it’s never enough and the rumors will persist.

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