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Will Dr. Strange Be Marvel’s First Horror Movie?

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What’s so scary about battling demons from Hell? Everything……

It appears Marvel has found a director for its upcoming Dr. Strange movie. According to multiple sources, Marvel has hired director Scott Derrickson to bring the Sorcerer Supreme to life. Derrickson known mostly for his hit horror movie Sinister, also directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and the upcoming Deliver Us From Evil. Marvel has yet to confirm the hire but Derrickson himself all but confirmed he’s onboard by tweeting out “My next movie will be STRANGE”, with the below picture attached.
Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn also later tweeted “Very talented guy. Incredibly happy with this.” with Derrickson’s name and the same picture attached. So my guess is that an official announcement from Marvel won’t be far away. Hopefully with a director attached we will also soon be getting a Stephen Strange casting announcement. With just about every middle aged actor in Hollywood being linked at some point to the character, it could be just about anyone. I just hope it’s not the recently rumored Jared Leto.

Scott Derrickson is another slam dunk hire by Marvel. With Derrickson’s history of quality horror films, Marvel clearly plans on taking the good doctor down a much darker path then we’re used to seeing from their previous comic movies, and that’s a good thing for this character. Dr. Strange has battled the occult, various demons, evil spirits, warlocks, witches, and Dracula just to name a few. This is a hero that deals with darkness and as great as Marvels other films have been, Dr. Strange wouldn’t work if it copied them. A horror themed take on Stephen Strange might be just what the doctor ordered to make this a huge hit, and it would definitely be truer to the comic and character then if it took a more traditional superhero film path. And if Marvel has proved anything, its that they aren’t afraid to take chances to stay true to their characters. Derrickson’s ability to make a great movie on a low budget also fits. With a mostly unknown character that deals in magic, a Dr. Strange movie might be Marvel’s biggest gamble yet, so I seriously doubt they are going to green light the same massive budgets they’ve handed out for other, much better known properties. Now I don’t think Marvel is going to suddenly get cheap, but a 70-80 million dollar budget will probably be more realistic than the 100 million plus that superhero movies usually tend to command. So a director with the ability to do a lot more with less is going to be a plus.

So what do you think of Dr. Strange’s new director, and of the possibility that this might be Marvel’s first horror themed movie? Do you share my belief that this is another brilliant move by Marvel, or is this the move and/or film that will finally be a dud? Let us know!!

Dr. Strange is casting it’s phase 3 spell in 2016 or 2017

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